About VEGE

VEGE, the no animal sacrifice brand that’s redefining fashion. We stand for 100% cruelty free products.

Our animal friendly brand appeals to fashionistas everywhere with elegant designs and high-quality fabrics and materials that are not made from animals. We are committed to empowering and celebrating women, whilst ensuring that we’re making conscious choices.

Our vision is to revolutionize the way consumer look at fashion by providing vegan handbags that are both fashionable and animal friendly that'll suit a variety of needs and uses. Our handbags are only made of the the highest quality materials and fabrics. At VEGE, balancing fashion and an animal friendly environment is at the forefront of what we do.

We aspire to deliver handbags are both functional and fashionable. A vegan handbag with a sleek design. We strive to promote products that don't just look good but also do good.

Our vegan handbags are helping to reduce the environmental impact from serious ecological problem in which runoff waste creates an overgrowth of plant life in water systems, which suffocates animals by depleting oxygen levels in the water and is the leading cause of hypoxic zones, also known as “dead zones. Furthermore, animal cruelty must be stopped. At VEGE, we're proud to support our charity partner Plant a Tree, per every order sold, one tree will be planted. 

*Declaration: At Vege Label, we do not sell products branded by other designer brands. All our products are curated and do not carry any logo or label from other designer brands.

It's 2022! Animal leather and fur aren't the only things made for quality. We'll prove it to you.